Our Team



Dr Conor McCaffrey

Dr Conor McCaffrey General Practitioner

Dr Anish Ahmed

Dr Anish Ahmed General Practitioner

Dr Neer Patel

Dr Neer Patel General Practitioner

Dr Torquil Duncan-Brown

Dr Torquil Duncan-BrownGeneral Practitioner

Dr Brian Thomas Flynn

Dr Brian Thomas Flynn General Practitioner

Dr Edwina Brown

Dr Edwina BrownGeneral Practitioner

Dr Nicole Samuel

Dr Nicole SamuelGeneral Practitioner

Dr Ahmed Khallouf

Dr Ahmed KhalloufGeneral Practitioner

Dr. Atari Metcalf

Dr Gemma CareyGeneral Practitioner

Dr Kate Steinweg

Dr Kate SteinwegGeneral Practitioner

Dr Karolina Kuligowski

Dr Karolina KuligowskiGeneral Practitioner

Dr Roger Chang

Dr Roger ChangGeneral Practitioner

Nursing Team

Elisabeth Akhurst

Elisabeth AkhurstPractice Nurse

Anna Cox

Anna CoxPractice Nurse

Zoe Keys

Zoe KeysPractice Nurse

Specialist Consultants / Allied Health Specialists

Dr Murtaza Jamnagerwalla

Dr Murtaza Jamnagerwalla Colorectal surgeon

Dr Sam Adie

Dr Sam AdieOrthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Harvey Kok

Dr Harvey KokPaediatric Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Reception Staff

Ellen Fawcett

Ellen FawcettReceptionist

Taya Roberts

Taya RobertsReceptionist

Julie Leja

Julie LejaReception Manager

Jamaica Kelly

Jamaica KellyReceptionist

Claudia Lee

Claudia LeeReceptionist

Aidan Seeney

Aidan SeeneyReceptionist

Practice Management

Paul Ndasowa

Paul NdasowaPractice Manager

Cynthia Lee

Cynthia LeeOffice Manager

  • Queen's University Belfast
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Syndey
  • Kings College London