Sexual Health

Sexual health plays a crucial role for establishing and maintaining a healthy and satisfactory relationship. Sexual health seems to be greatly influenced by both the physical and mental health of the individual. Various factors such as anxiety, depression, aging, hormonal imbalance, consumption of excessive alcohol, smoking, certain medications and underlying disease conditions may affect the sexual functioning of an individual. Learning to manage the underlying factors helps to maintain a balanced and optimal sexual life.

Sex is considered to be an integral part of a healthy life for emotional growth in a relationship. However, sexual health problems or issues are common in males and females and can induce psychological stress and relationship distress among couples. These problems can affect the happiness, confidence, self-esteem and relationship satisfaction of either partner.

Various studies revealed that intake of a proper balanced diet, regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy body weight, can significantly improve sexual dysfunction.

Those suffering from sexual dysfunction should consult our doctors to identify and treat the underlying causes. In addition, they should also follow a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise to maintain proper fitness and body weight, along with a balanced nutritional diet. At Vitalis Family Medical Practice we provide sexual health services.

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